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Meet Our Staff

Sis Gwendolyn Lindsey 
Ministry Board Director & Executive Director 

Sis Gwendolyn Lindsey 

Sent to GFOFEM from the Lord Himself, she has been a dedicated inspiration to the Overseer. 

She has sought out relationships with other non-profits that never could have been fostered on our own. 

GFOFEM has benefited from Grants that have developed partnerships with several organizations, churches and the Baltimore City government.

Sis Gwen has been with GFOFEM for less than 2 years, but she has proven to be a valuable, immeasurable assest to the ministry and fulfilling the Vision. 



Pastors Dwight & Diane Somers
Ministry Corporate Board Prayerline Directors & Coordinator 
(Centreville, Virgina)


Pastors Dwight & Diane Somers are the Directors and Coordinators for the GFOFEM International Prayerline, the PWC Men's Prison and several Senior Citizen facilities throughout the No. Virginia region. Regulalr weekly visits are made to the Seniors where they share the Gospel, serve Holy Communion and Minister The Word of God.  

The Seniors fondly referred to them both as "their" Pastors.

Both are and have been faithful partners of the ministry since the very beginning in 2012. 


Elder Alfredia Pritchard
Ministry Corporate Board Director and
Prayerline Leader & KPN Coordinator

(Louisville, Kentucy)


Elder Alfredia Pritchard is a woman after God’s own heart, saved & baptized at the age of 14 years old.  

She has worked in Ministry for over 20 years. She is currently an active partner with the anti-abortion Ministry “Sisters 4 Life”. 

She is and has been a devoted Foster Parent for more than 10 years. In the year 2019 she was awarded “Foster Parent of the Year for Jefferson County, Kentucky” by the Governor of Kentucky, Matt Bevin.  

Elder Alfredia is, and has been a faithful, and invaluable Board Member, since 2012. 

Deaconess Rose Watkins
Ministry Corporate Board Director, Evangelist and
Corporate Treasurer

(Louisville, Kentucy)


Sister Rose Watkins gave her life to Christ at the age of 12, but began her walk in relationship with Christ, and her ministry service more than 27 years ago.

 She has been a faithful member at Bates Memorial Baptist Church where she has served in ministry for more than 23 years. She has a powerful testimony which has been a blessing to women who are, and have the same experiences that she has had in life.  

She has been an intrical part as an evangelist for the ministry since 2012.