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The Power of Prayer

I give God all the praises and glory for the Good Fight of Faith Prayer line.  I am so grateful to be connected to this Prayer line.  I met Pastor Cheryl in Phoenix, Arizona about two and a half years ago at the Women’s Ministry meeting. I was going through some family issues at that time, I asked Pastor Cheryl to pray for myself and my family. Pastor Cheryl told me that she would be praying for me and she shared with me the information about the Good Fight of Faith Prayerline. The first time I called in was on a Friday night and it was Praise and Worship night, it was such a blessing to hear the praise reports and experience the worship service. I started calling the Prayerline on a nightly basis. What was so remarkable to me was when I put in my request, the warriors prayed so fervently. I did not know any of the prayer warriors, but when I put in my prayer request, they prayed for me like they knew me personally. My grandson got into trouble and he went to jail, I called the Prayer line and asked the Prayer warriors to Pray for him. The prayer warriors and the saints of God prayed for my grandson and my family. I can remember the prayer warriors telling me not to be moved by what I see or hear, no matter what it looks like, just believe in the promises of GOD. My grandson was released from jail and he was able to get on the prayer line and thank the prayer warriors for praying for him. My grandson is still struggling with some issues, but I keep putting in my prayer requests for him and my family.  What is so wonderful about the Prayerline is when I am not able to be on the line, the prayer warrior for the night automatically puts in a prayer request for me and my family. I have seen so many prayers answered, and people being blessed. I encouraged everyone to call the Good Fight of Faith Prayer line. You will truly be blessed.

Sister Veronica Elam; Laveen, AZ

Prayer Changes Everything

I’ve known about the Prayerline for some time, but I didn’t have a relationship with the Prayerline warriors and the way they prayed! But the Word of God says that the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous avails much, little did I know the more I listened, the more I wanted to hear!  Then came my day of testing my faith; I needed prayer for my grandson, and watched God show up and show out because of the prayers of the Prayer Warriors on the Prayerline I begin to believe!  I'm still waiting for God to work somethings out, and continue answering prayers, I know He will!  Now I have been charged with leading “praise and worship” on the prayerline, what a wonderful opportunity to be given every Friday!  We have seen the blessings from God manifest every week and we praise His holy name, Hallelujah!  

Sister Rose Watkins; Louisville, KY

I Thank God for GFOFEM!

It is such a privilege to view and follow this site with the good news we seek daily. The prayer line is a rewarding experience as you receive the power of prayer through a relationship with God that will order your steps through life's battles. The quality time spent in Bible Study allows one to receive the scriptures with love and understanding. I will forever praise God through his son Jesus for GFOFEM. God loves you and so do I! ❤

Sister Edith Wyatt; Salisbury, NC